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Sinfoni Grandioso ลำโพง 2 ทางเเยกชิ้นรุ่นใหม่ล่าสุดที่ทีมวิจัยของ SINFONI

  • วันที่: 05/02/2014 17:20
  • จำนวนคนเข้าชม: 6504
We have developed the Composite Frame Technology (CFT) especially for the Grandioso series to create a mechanical structure able to damp down on distortions created by the speaker vibrating system, using a software specific for alloy wheel development to drastically reduce turbulence under the cone.
For the CF165W the best materials available on market have been used without any kind of compromise, overstaffing the basket structure made of 10 different single aluminum components, all screwed together to thwart all spurious vibrations mechanically, making the speaker installation and set-up much easier.
A carbon fiber cone has been used to have the maximum rigidity on reduced weight. Various tests and listening session have revealed peaks on higher frequencies attributable to the material chemical properties, that's why we conceived and developed a special compound to handbrush directly onto the surface of the cone in order to attenuate those frequencies.
The high-excursion rubber paired with a same excursion properties spider gives the speaker an elevated bass extension and a fast and hefty frequency response.